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What’s the best way to teach your kids about how to defecate? The curators of Toilet!? — Human Waste & Earth’s Future at the Miraikan, Japan, think they’ve figured it out. Their answer is to give each visitor a little hat that resembles a steaming turd, lead them by ladder up to a big giant toilet, and then let them slide down into a virtual sewer to exit. 

Here’s a video of that happening:

The most bizarre exhibition of 2014, that I can only describe as ‘poo-kitsch’ in style, features a bunch of weird interactive features (including singing toilets) that examine the cultural, social, and historical dimension to the modern toilet. Visitors are encouraged to learn about different kinds of human excrement (there are some fantastic plastic models of these), how toilets function in space, and how sewage systems work. “You too can become feces!” a sign for the exhibit boasts. Inspiring.

On a more serious note, the exhibition draws attention to  the 2.5 billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean toilets, but it seems like sincere messages have a pretty high chance of getting lost in the faeces theme park its curators have made.

toilet exhibition miraikan


toilet mascots 2


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